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Learning About Montana Connections Business Development Park Without Traveling

Traveling is an important part of many site selectors’ jobs. Due to current restrictions and health concerns, traveling for work has become quite difficult. While we love for people to visit Montana Connections when considering it as the location for their business, we recognize that it is not always possible, especially now. Here are four things you need to know about our development park if you are considering it as the site for your business. 

1. Located in Butte, Montana

Located in southwestern Montana, right up against the Rocky Mountains is Butte, Montana.  With a population under 40,000 people, this small city packs a big punch. Butte is full of history and natural beauty as well as a hardworking, dedicated workforce. Montana Tech, the university located in town, educates thousands of students in areas such as engineering and business, many of which stay near the Butte community searching for jobs after graduation. 

The City of Butte

2. Foreign Trade Zone

Not only is Butte a beautiful place to work and a great place to hire quality employees, but Montana Connections is also located in a Foreign Trade Zone. The benefits of this include tax exemptions, fee-free storage, low bureaucracy and more. This makes it easier for your business to get more done, quicker. 

Power at MCBDP
Photo courtesy of Montana Standard

3. Infrastructure

Regardless of what you make, ship or sell, Montana Connections can support it. Many of the businesses located at the park require quick internet, reliable power and clean water. We’ve got them covered. Our water, power, natural gas and telecommunication systems are ready for your business. At the park, there are over four million gallons of industrial water available per day, high-speed mobile and internet connections and much more.

4. Transportation

Other perks of bringing your business to Montana Connections Business Development Park include the transportation and distribution opportunities. Butte is located at the intersection of many transportation and distribution corridors that make it easy for you to travel or ship items in any direction. There are two class one railroads, the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Butte is also home to the Bert Mooney Airport, placing you only a short flight away from major hubs such as Salt Lake, Seattle and Denver. Butte is also the only place in Montana where two major highways intersect. At the intersection of Interstate 90 and Interstate 15 is The Port of Montana, a full-service transload, distribution, warehouse and storage facility that enables the use of boxcars, bulkhead flats, gondolas and more.

The sign for the entrance to the Port of Montana. Made of metal sitting in front of a green landscape and cloudy sky.

Montana Connections Business Development Park is Right for Your Business

This little overview provides just a few of the benefits of bringing your business in Montana Connections Business Development Park. From hardworking employees to easy transportation we have everything you need for your business to find success. Living in the northwest is an amazing opportunity and we are eager to welcome you. Contact us to find out more about our park and how you can set up shop here in Butte, Montana.

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