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Butte Elevated: What It Is and Why We’re Excited


Butte Elevated is a central hub for all activities, events, and stories happening in Butte, Montana. Given its prized location between major interstates, an airport, and the Montana Connections Business Development Park, there are a lot of potential opportunities for Butte locals to take advantage of. Butte Elevated is here to ensure the residents of Butte are aware of, informed, and involved in the city’s activities and efforts.

Make the Most Out of Butte Elevated

Butte Elevated serves as a resource for Butte residents and those traveling through Butte who want to experience all that Butte has to offer. Butte Elevated can help you find the best options in the following areas:


Looking for the perfect place to lay your head when vacationing in Butte? Butte Elevated has arranged a list of accommodations available in Butte, Montana.


For those looking to unwind, exhale, and have a little fun, Butte Elevated has guides to Butte’s attractions, recreational offerings, festivals, and arts and culture scene. Whether you’re looking to experience underground mining at the World Museum of Mining or itching to mountain bike through Butte’s terrain, Butte Elevated’s recreational guide will definitely spice up your weekend plans.

Dining & Shopping

Check out Butte Elevated’s dining guide to find your favorite meal in Butte. Then, explore Butte’s shopping directory to discover one-of-a-kind antique shops with items made exclusively from Montana’s resources. Shopping locally is a huge must-do when staying in Butte.


Butte Elevated also makes it easy to research venue and transportation options when planning an event. From a list of convention halls to a detailed transportation directory listing every source of public transportation in Butte, Butte Elevated has everything you need to book your next convention in Montana. And if you’re going to hosting a conference in Montana, be sure to lookup Montana’s own video-form-software company, to help out 🙂 

Work Opportunities

Butte is a city known for taking care of its people. Butte Elevated has kindly listed local services that are committed to helping residents and small business owners succeed. See the offered resources below:


Living in Butte

One of the reasons Butte Elevated exists is to inform Butte residents of their available options and make life easier and more enjoyable. From housing resources to a full directory of utility services catering to Butte, Butte Elevated has listed every resource you could ever need while living in this charming city. Review the available resource guides below.

Planning a Trip to Butte

Lastly, if you’re planning a trip to Butte, Montana, Butte Elevated has you covered. Visit the Butte Elevated website to download the free Butte brochure that covers everything from attractions to annual events and dining!

Why We Are Excited About Butte Elevated

Often overlooked, Butte is a small city with a growing economy, friendly population, and close access to some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the country. We love anything that is here to showcase the beauty Butte holds. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Southwest Montana, Butte offers its residents low-cost housing and ample opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s a city with a hometown feel yet rich with decades of history and infamous mining stories.


Butte Elevated is here to shine a light on the humble slice of heaven that many love to call home. Take advantage of all the city and the surrounding area has to offer with Butte Elevated’s directories, resources, and guides.

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