Economic Development Incentives

A Favorable Tax Climate & Financial Incentives

Tax Climate + Financial Incentives

According to the Tax Foundation, Montana is the 6th best state to conduct business in based on its tax climate. This climate, combined with a number of available financial incentives from Montana Connections and the Butte Local Development Corporation, make relocating or starting your business inside Montana Connections a first-rate business decision.

Montana Connection Grants

Montana Connections has grants available for infrastructure and development assistance. These grants include monies for: utility hookup, dirt work, parking lots, pipelines, water hookups, and roads. Grants are based upon capital investment and job creation, and are issued on a reimbursement basis. In order to be eligible for a Montana Connections grant, you must submit a completed application to the Montana Connections Advisory Board. Depending on concurrence with the grant request, the Montana Connection Advisory Board will formally submit a recommendation for approval to the Butte-Silver Bow Council of Commissioners for final approval. This processes normally takes between two and four weeks from application submission

Montana Connection Loans

Low interest rate loans up to $400,000 are available to qualifying applicants for construction of facilities. This is a three-step process beginning with an application submitted to and reviewed by the Butte Local Development Corporation (BLDC) Loan Committee. Should the BLDC Loan Committee support the application, a recommendation will be made to the Montana Connections’ Advisory Board and then to the Butte-Silver Bow Council of Commissioners for final approval. This process normally takes between four to six weeks to complete.

Butte Local Development Corporation Loans

Low interest rate loans, between $150,000 and $200,000, are available to qualifying applications for equipment, building, or working capital. Completed applications are reviewed by the BLDC Loan Committee for recommendation to the BLDC Board of Directors.

Butte Local Development Corporation Grants

The BLDC partners with state and federal agencies to offer grants for a variety of start-up and expansion needs. These funds, available for a variety of projects, are focused on job creation and private investment. Funds are available to assist with the purchase of equipment, marketing, planning, and workforce training.

Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund

The Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund Program (BSTF) provides state funds to promote long-term stable economic growth in Montana with financial assistance in the following two categories:

  • Economic Development Job Creation Project funding is awarded “to create good paying jobs for residents in basic sector businesses, in the form of grants or loans.”

  • Economic Development Planning Project funding is awarded to support economic development planning activities. This can include support for business improvement districts, central business district redevelopment, industrial development, feasibility studies, creation and maintenance of baseline community profiles, matching funds for federal funding, preproduction costs for film or media, and administrative expenses.

Visit the Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund official website for more information about program guidelines, eligibility, penalties, procedures and other requirements.

State of Montana Workforce Development

Information about the State of Montana Workforce Development programs.

The Montana Connections Business Development Park can work with you on finding a variety of local, state and federal programs. The economic development incentives listed is not an exhaustive list; each project is different and will qualify for different programs. Please reach out to us for additional information.