At the intersection of the west

Ideal Location

No matter where you are in Butte, you’re not far from your next destination. Located at the intersection of several majors transportation and distribution corridors, Butte is perfectly situated to act as a central hub or a western outpost for your business.


There is only one place in Montana where two major highways intersect: Butte. That makes shipping to and from Butte easy, both domestically and internationally. In addition, the Port of Montana provides a variety of storage services, certified scales, distribution services, railcar and truck transload services, and inventory management.


Add business neighbors like FedEx Freight and Old Dominion Freight and it’s easy to see that Butte is the perfect place to produce and distribute your product to the world.


Two Class I railroads, the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroads, pass through Butte providing excellent distribution routes for goods throughout North America.


The Port of Montana enables the use of boxcars, bulkhead flats, flatcars, open gondolas, covered gondolas, centerbeams, containers, hopper cars, center drops, reefers, and tank cars with all of the benefits provided by the Port.


With Bert Mooney Airport, you’re only hours away from a major Delta Air Lines hub, the Salt Lake City International Airport.Take advantage of one of the twice-daily direct flights to Salt Lake City operated by SkyWest Airlines to reach the rest of the world.


Bert Mooney Airport can also meet private business needs with a 9,000 foot primary runway, and fuel, maintenance, oxygen, and aircraft services.

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