No matter what you make, ship, or sell, we can support it.

Infrastructure ready to scale

Montana Connections supports business enterprises like FedEx Freight, Montana Craft Malt, and Rec Silicon, and is ready to meet your infrastructure needs.


Have large water needs? No problem.

Montana Connections Park’s water supply is reliable and plentiful all year long with an available 4 million gallons per day of industrial water and 2 million gallons of wastewater. 


Whether your business relies heavily on power or not, NorthWestern Energy, a regulated investor-owned utility, has you covered. Large power customers also have the option to negotiate with other preferred power providers.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is plentiful and affordable in the northwest United States. NorthWestern Energy, as one of the largest natural gas providers in the region, will meet your demands.


In a connected world, your business can’t afford a slow, unreliable communication. MCBDP parcels are ready to support your landline, high-speed internet, and mobile communications through a number of providers. In addition, high-speed fiber connections are coming soon.

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