8 Videos to Watch about Butte, Montana

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Known as both Butte, America and The Richest Hill on Earth, Butte, Montana is the home to around 35,000 people. It’s wonderful community, growing economy, natural beauty and historical significance all come together to make the city a unique place to live, work and play. Here are eight videos that will give you a sense of the beauty, history and community alive in Butte today. 

History of Butte

About 15 years old at the writing of this article, this video shows it’s age in production value, but the content is wonderful. The Richest Hill on Earth nickname comes from it’s copper mining history that began in the late 1800s. Learn about the Anaconda Copper Mining Company and how Butte became known as The Richest Hill on Earth in this video. 

Aerial Tour of Butte

This video doesn’t have any words, but it does a great job showing the beauty of Butte from above. Soar through downtown streets and over the mining headframes as you enjoy the views of the city and surrounding areas!

The Copper King Hotel

This short documentary shares the ups and downs of The Copper King Hotel. A popular gathering place for nearly 50 years, this hotel has a unique history. In this video you will hear from past and present owners of the business about how they built it into the grand hotel it is today. 

Butte Attractions

This video highlights the history and beauty of Butte by walking viewers through the many attractions and events that the city hosts. From underground tours in the World Museum of Mining to Evel Knievel Days, watching this video will give you a taste of the exciting things Butte has to offer. 

Headframe Spirits

Headframe Spirits, run by John and Courtney McKee, Butte natives who love their community, is one of the most popular distilleries in the state. This video dives into their business, community and love for Butte. 

A Visitor’s Perspective of Butte

Join YouTuber Carri Wilbanks as she takes a tour of Butte. Throughout this tour she visits historical sights, drinks local spirits and chats with Butte community members about their love for their town. This video does a great job of showing the history and sense of community that lives in Butte.

 Pekin Noodle Parlor

Owned and operated by the same family for over 100 years, Pekin Noodle Parlor is the oldest, family operated Chinese restaurant in America. This video dives into the history of the restaurant and Chinese immigration to Butte in the early 1900s.

Montana Tech

This short video shares the perspective of multiple students, alumni and faculty members from Montana Tech, Butte’s well-loved university. 

Montana Connections Business Development Park VideosOn top of these eight videos, be sure to check out our YouTube channel for more information on Montana Connections Business Development Park and why it is the perfect place for your business. With videos discussing advantages of the park, the Butte community and more, this channel is full of great information for site selectors and those interested in Butte and Montana Connections.

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