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Prediction: Businesses are Moving to Rural Communities

The world of business is rapidly changing with the progression of COVID-19 health concerns, work from home opportunities and supply chain interruptions. Business owners, site selectors and employees are feeling the pressure to find stability and safety in their business’ location and workforce. As large cities continue to be hotspots for illness, more and more individuals and companies are choosing to move to rural communities. In July, Industry Week published an article on how corporate expansions are expected to be in suburbs and mid-sized cities due to considerations of social distancing, transit options and other relevant concerns. Montana, specifically, is seeing many companies and individuals move to the state in search of wide open spaces, less people and great business opportunities.

Montana is Perfect for Your Business Right Now

Factors most important to businesses and site selectors at this point in time include:

  • Health and safety, including ability to distance from other people and keep employees well.
  • Economic wellness and business assistance from the state’s government.
  • Abundant resources such as electricity, transit opportunities and a hard-working workforce.

When considering all of these important factors, Montana ranks very high. Comparing population to land area, there are less than eight people per square mile in Montana. California, on the other hand, has nearly 250 people per square mile. This open space and comparatively low population along with Governor Bullock’s ability to manage COVID-19 cases has kept the state of Montana healthy. In comparison to California where infection rates are over 1%, Montana infection rates are under 0.4% at the time of writing this article.

The City of Butte

When it comes to economic wellness, Montana, like any other state, is experiencing some hardship, but thanks to the support of the communities and government, local businesses are finding ways to thrive. With a variety of relief programs from the Department of Commerce for many different markets and business types as well as individuals, Montana is finding a way to support its businesses and community members during this difficult time. 

Along with the health and business benefits of moving your business to Montana, there is an abundance of resources such as land, transit options and hard-working people. Montana has five international airports that easily connect to many major cities, and thirteen four-year colleges and universities that consistently create a well-educated, hard-working workforce to the state. 

Benefits of Montana Connections

Montana Connections Business Development Park, located in Butte, one of Montana’s rural communities, experiences all of the benefits listed above and much more. Not only is Butte a mid-sized Montana city with abundant resources and a highly-educated workforce, it also has more than enough room for its residents and a high-quality hospital dedicated to the safety and health of the community members. 

Montana Connections Park offers a long list of advantages such as being a Foreign Trade Zone and being located at the intersection of two major highways and two Class I railroads. 

At Montana Connections Business Development Park, we are ready to welcome your business to our safe, resource rich state. Your business will thrive here. 

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