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Decorated Alleyways and Other Beautiful Things in Butte, Montana

The beauty of Montana is well known throughout the country and the world, but less well known and hidden in the middle of the state is Butte, nicknamed the Richest Hill on Earth. This nickname came from its rich mining history, but the city is also rich in historic and natural beauty. From winter ice carving competitions to historic architecture, Butte really is a beautiful place to live and work.

Decorated Alleyways

At the end of 2019, community members, economic development organizations and business owners came together to clean up and makeover the alley behind the popular M&M Bar & Cafe. Adorned with lights, seating and occasional events such as movie viewings, this alleyway adds beauty to Uptown Butte. Little spaces like this alleyway are great examples of how the Butte community works to beautify their city.

Beautiful butte alleyway

Ice Sculptures

When the cold weather rolls around and snow covers the ground, Butte community members and businesses continue to work together to make their city a beautiful place to live. In December, people pull out ice chisels and chippers in Butte’s Winter Blast’s Ice Sculpting Contest. In an effort to share their craft and win the contest, artists carve ice blocks into animals, musical instruments and more. Going on nearly 20 years, this contest brings beauty to the white, cold winter of central Montana.

A Glowing Statue

If you look up to the mountains to the east of Butte, you can see the beautiful Our Lady of the Rockies statue. Standing 90 feet tall, 8,500 feet above sea level and weighing over 80 tons, this beautiful statue is open to tours during the day and glows bright against the dark mountain at night. Our Lady of the Rockies was built to represent and honor all women, regardless of religion or beliefs.

The Headframes

Our Lady of the Rockies is not the only structure that adds a unique beauty to Butte, Montana. Speckled through the skyline of Butte are fourteen tall, steel structures known as headframes. Back in the mining days of Butte, cables passed over the wheels at the top of the frames lowering miners to their work, transporting equipment and supplies into the shafts. They would also bring up loads of ore after it was mined. Half of the fourteen headframes have been outlined with red lights to memorialize the history of these great structures.

Headframes in Butte

Historic Architecture

Along with the Butte, Anaconda, and Pacific Railroad, Butte is full of historic architecture. Silver was discovered in Butte in 1872 and it quickly became a thriving mining town. Large companies rolled into town, paying thousands of people high wages for the dangerous mining work they were doing. Excess money led to beautiful, well-built buildings throughout town, and a majority of these buildings retain their historic integrity today thanks to preservation efforts made by community members and business owners.

Untouched Wilderness

There are many beautiful things to see inside the city of Butte, but getting outside of town is a great way to explore the natural beauty of Montana. From Blue Ribbon fisheries to towering mountains, you can find yourself lost in nature within minutes of leaving the city. Spend a night camping under the stars or float along a river on a sunny day. You will experience beauty like you have never seen before.

Big Hole River

Beauty and Business

Businesses who are located at Montana Connections Business Development Park know that the beauty of Butte makes it an amazing place to live. With community members who are consistently coming up with creative ways to add to and preserve the historic and natural beauty of the city, Butte will continue to be a great place for life and business.

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