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Which Butte Neighborhood is Perfect for You?

Graphic featuring map of Butte-Silver Bow area, as well as various districts of Butte, Montana (including Walkerville and Montana Tech University district)Butte’s extensive history with extractive industry has encouraged the population of this small mountain town to swell to an enormous density and retract throughout the twentieth century.  Now that most of the mining companies have gone, Butte-ians have worked tirelessly to rebuild and redefine their economy — an economy all their own.

In this rebuilding, people have redistributed themselves throughout the town and in the process created meaningful, community-centric living areas for people of all socioeconomic statuses.  Butte is an amazing place to live for all kinds of people. We hope to help you find your own little slice of heaven: perfect in every way for you and your family.

While You’re Reading: The Butte neighborhoods described here are not exclusively one thing or another.  With a mixed array of income levels per geographic locale, these neighborhoods represent relatively diverse communities of people, and within those communities — smaller groups of neighbors, friends and families that have cooperated and worked together to maintain Butte’s tightly-knit and interdependent social structure since the late 1800’s.

A white sign in Butte, Montana suburb, Walkerville, reads “Town of Walkerville.  A Mining Legend. Inc. 1890” in black font.
Photo courtesy of Byron Borisoff


This suburb is located on the north end of Butte and sits within the nationally designated Butte-Anaconda Historic District.  True to its roots, Walkerville still exemplifies the feel of an old mining camp and can be considered a cultural mecca for those interested in living in an area of deeply-rooted American history; about one-third of all the copper produced world-wide came out of this area and electrified the nation, and many other parts of the world, in the twentieth century.

Walkerville is a wonderful place laden with affordable homes for first-time homebuyers and young couples looking to begin raising a family.  Kennedy Elementary and Butte High School serve the community members who live here, and when not in school, kids of all ages and their families can be found playing, hiking and picnicking at nearby Foreman Park.

Terra Verde

A large green pasture with a few horses with large snow capped mountains in the background
Photo courtesy of

This area located on the south-end of Butte sits at the base of northern foothills of the Highland Mountain range.  Houses found here are generally larger, and so are the parcels of land they sit upon. With more space in between neighbors and a sweeping view of the Butte Valley proper, those looking for a more “country feel” with all the creature comforts of living in a city can look into town on a clear night and can see Butte’s lights sparkle like little, unassuming diamonds.

Those living in Terra Verde are within either the Margaret Leary Elementary or Hillcrest Elementary School districts, both tied as being the highest rated Pre-K through 6 districts in Butte according to GreatSchools. Being located at the foothills of the Highland Mountains, the possibilities for outdoor recreation are seemingly endless: Climbers, runners, hikers, campers, anglers, hunters, mountain bikers and backpackers alike unite to appreciate the natural beauty and get some exercise.

An aerial view of Montana Tech and the surrounding neighborhoods in Butte, Montana
Photo courtesy of

University District (Montana Tech)

Butte’s campus district has long been sought after as a place to settle by scholars, lawyers, doctors and regular blue-collar working families.  With a multitude of stately, Victorian homes; the beautiful, often brick houses that line Park Street and Excelsior Avenue are modestly priced, most being under $200,000, with plenty of space for growth and a bustling community.  

Located within walking distance of the St. James Hospital and Montana Tech, this neighborhood is particularly attractive to up-and-coming young families.  Many of the homes found in this neighborhood have been recently remodeled and are now for sale.  Schooling options are a little more refined, with private, Catholic Butte Central (which accommodates students from preschool all the way through high school) right on your front doorstep.  Both of these schools are known to be exceptional by Butte’s community members.


Children play underneath splash bucket in Clark Park in Butte, Montana
Photo courtesy of Clark Park, Facebook

The Flats area of Butte extends twenty or so blocks west of Harrison Avenue and works its way east until you reach Continental Drive.  Located right in the middle of Butte, the Flats’ central location provides its community members with many different choices of entertainment and eatery.  

Many homes in this neighborhood are affordable and perfect for the first-time home-buyer and fledgling families while other high end, more expensive homes adjacent to the Butte Country Club are also available.  Within walking distance of both Clark Park and J. F. Kennedy Park, kiddos can be seen playing together in the streets like the good ol’ days.

A hiker and his dog ascend on a forested trail on the East Ridge in Butte, Montana
Photo courtesy of Montana Standard

East Ridge

Much like Terra Verde, the East Ridge neighborhood of Butte provides residents with the convenience and comforts of city life with the solitude and privacy of country life.  Touting larger homes on, is some cases, much larger parcels of land; community members of the East Ridge pay a little more for their homes, but definitely reap the rewards of owning land.

With absolutely stunning views of the West Slope and Timber Butte, residents  in this neighborhood can look upon all the beauty Butte, Montana has to offer by simply opening their front doors.  Like Terra Verde, community members of the East Ridge are located within the Hillcrest Elementary school district.

Article written by Kyle Adams

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