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Flying Above Montana Connections

When we describe Montana Connections Business Development Park to people outside the great state of Montana, it can sometimes be difficult. This fall, we sent a video team equipped with a drone to give people the full landscape view of the properties and opportunity available.

Montana Connections Business Development Park From the Sky!

This video showcases some of our existing businesses as well as some of the parcels available. If you’re thinking, “the landscape and scenery is stunning!” we completely agree. It’s one of the many reasons we love it here.

You may also notice the traffic. It’s non-existent! Montana Connections Business Development Park gives businesses freedom to execute. With commute times measured in single digits, transloading facilities, the intersection of I90 and I15, two of the largest interstates in the country: MCBDP gives businesses the freedom to do business.

You can probably see from the video that there’s room for your business to grow. I know when our team watched this video for the first time, there’s a strong sense of opportunity. Not far to the north of Butte is the Capital city of Helena. Famous for Last Chance Gulch where prospectors proclaimed “There’s gold in them there hills!” We feel the same way (maybe not literally gold) about this land on the edge of our great city. The opportunity is boundless. As the drone surveys the land from the sky, you can see a solid infrastructure of roads and potable water. From shipping to easy access to rail and freight: if you’re looking to expand your business and in the process of searching for your next site, this should help display what’s available. Be sure to also use our parcel selector.

The Montana Workforce

Now clearly there’s something missing from the video above. The hardworking people of Montana! With Montana Tech, Highlands College and one of the strongest entrepreneurial ecosystems in the state, Montana’s workforce is unlike any other in the country. Resourceful, innovative and able to solve difficult problems. The video below outlines just some of the ways the state fosters and grows businesses.

Montana Business. Montana Way of Life.

When decision makers, site selectors and tourists visit Butte, we often hear them comment in awe at the space. Not the MCBDP parcels (MCBDP isn’t really a tourist destination) but the open space to stretch out and explore. You may have heard of a live-and-let-live mentality in the Rocky Mountain West, specifically in states like Montana and Idaho. While true, there’s also a strong sense of community that surfaces knowing that the next closes city could be a few hundred miles away. And while Butte is one of the larger cities in Montana, that sense of community rings true here as well.

Butte, America.

We mentioned above that our video crew took some high quality drone footage. What we failed to mention is they also captured some pretty fun footage of Butte, Montana. Oh, and be sure to check out our article on why they call it Butte America. The video below makes stops at some of our Butte Favorites.

A Video Tour of Butte, Montana

This video combined with the drone video from above are two of our favorite to view side-by-side. On one hand, you see the industrial power and opportunity in the Business Development Park. On the other side, you see the people of Butte and the historical landmarks spanning generations of trappers, miners, entrepreneurs, engineers and opportunity seekers. Festivals, live-music, breweries, distilleries, college football and much more. It’s a great (and affordable!) place to live and grow.

Opportunity Awaits:

Interested in learning more about Butte and the Montana Connections Business Development Park? We’d love to connect to chat about our available parcels, about touring the city of Butte and about your needs as your business expands. Distribution centers, data centers and shipping centers: we can help you grow. Our team is different. You’ll talk with real people about your business needs. We look forward to talking soon.

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