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The Perfect Location for Your Next Distribution Center

Distribution and logistics are critical components of successful business. While tradition says distribution centers should settle in large cities with near centralized populations, smaller cities are oftentimes advantageous in location, resources and infrastructure capacity. As advances in technology normalize faster results and shift consumer delivery expectations, the location of your next distribution center becomes increasingly important. Companies often overlook smaller cities, despite possessing optimal locations and lower barriers of entry for business.

Butte, Montana, happens to be one of those smaller cities — and the Montana Connections Business Development Park, located just 6 miles west of Butte, makes the deal even sweeter:

Advantages by Road

A map of Interstate highways that run through Montana, highlighting the intersection of I-90 and I-15 in Butte.
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

The Montana Connections Park sits at the intersection of two extensive Interstates, I-90 and I-15. Interstate 90 is the longest interstate highway in the U.S., stretching from the east coast in Boston to the west coast in Seattle. Due to its immense size, thousands of companies with locations along the way use it as a means of transporting goods, making it a popular and reasonable method of distribution.

Interstate 15 runs north to east, beginning in southern California and reaching its northern terminus at the Montana-Canada border. The highway serves several hubs, including San Diego, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

Access to both I-90 and I-15 means an easy connection to every city — as well as their respective airports and resources — along the way.

Additional Resources for Distribution by Road

Businesses located in the Montana Connections Park also benefit from some unique resources — one of the most prominent being each other. FedEx Freight and Old Dominion Freight, two leaders in delivery services, have facilities within the park, and offer convenient shipping advantages for neighboring businesses.

Advantages by Rail

If you’re looking to benefit from the speed and reliability of long-distance rail transportation, Butte has the means to service your business. Two Class I railroads, the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroads, pass through Butte, providing excellent distribution routes for goods through North America. The stop in Butte is the sole stop in Montana on the Union Pacific Railroad, the second largest freight-hauling railroad in the United States.

Advantages by Air

Bert Mooney Airport facilitates twice-daily direct flights to Salt Lake CIty, a major Delta Air Line hub that boasts a variety of both national and international connections. One of the primary advantages of Bert Mooney, and Butte in general, is space and opportunity — for companies seeking private business transportation, Bert Mooney has a 9,000-foot primary runway and qualified personnel responsible for fuel, maintenance, oxygen and aircraft services.

The Port of Montana: Increased Efficiency, Fewer Taxes

A train moves along tracks at the Port of Montana in Butte, Montana, distributing goods across the country.
Photo courtesy of Mike Danneman, Port of Montana

The cherry on top is the Port of Montana, a full-service transload facility that ensures the timely delivery and transfer of goods. The Port of Montana is the perfect connection between all the transportation methods available in Butte, providing seamless transfer solutions of goods from rail to road or vice versa. To aid in inventory management, the Port of Montana also offers a variety of storage services, providing a local, watchful eye on warehoused goods.

Additionally, the Port of Montana acts as a foreign trade zone, a regional area exempt from U.S. Customs and Border Protections restrictions. Materials imported to these designated areas — of which there are approximately 250 nationwide — are not subject to international duties or local taxes, granting companies easy access to international resources and allowing them to compete better on a global scale.

The Best Location in the West

In Butte, you’re never far from your next destination. Consumers today require fast results — and establishing distribution hubs with access to quick delivery channels is becoming more and more important. No matter what transportation channel your company utilizes for distribution, Butte has the resources and infrastructure to act as the perfect site for your next facility.

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