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FedEx’s Success at Montana Connections Business Development Park


Over the years, we’ve welcomed numerous businesses to Butte and have witnessed unique successes. One of the biggest successes we’ve experienced so far is with FedEx, which established a transfer center here in Butte in the last ten years. Transportation, a supporting local government, and a unique network of surrounding businesses are just a few of the reasons why FedEx has continued to operate and thrive in Butte alongside other big-name businesses.

FedEx Transfer Stations at Montana Connections Business Development Park

FedEx’s $8 million shipping transfer center in the Montana Connections Business Development Park was completed in August 2011. The 67-door cross-dock facility is used as a gateway service center for shipments to and from Canada as well as a regional relay facility.

The site was chosen based on the excellent access to both Interstate 15 (north-south) and Interstate 90 (east-west), inexpensive land and great access to a skilled and affordable workforce. The 45,000 square foot building and accompanying site development were made possible in part due to support from the Butte-Silver Bow TID in the form of a $550,000 grant for soil work.

Building a Community

Businesses within Montana Connections Park benefit from a unique resource they can’t quite find anywhere else: each other.

FedEx is just one of the businesses you’ll get to work alongside in this growing community. In fact, FedEx Freight and Old Dominion Freight offer convenient shipping advantages for neighbouring businesses. At its core, Montana Connections Park is a community of businesses supporting and helping one another thrive each step of the way. 

That’s how the local government sees Butte: A growing community focused on economic development, job creation, and expansion. At Montana Connections Business Development Park, we act as the liaison between the government and your business. We guarantee that all available incentives for development will be explored, including the possibility of financial assistance.

A healthy mix of industries currently exist within Butte, from high-tech and IT companies to businesses serving in the healthcare and life science sectors. We also have many businesses that fall into the energy/utilities, manufacturing, and geophysical consulting categories. With a wide variety of companies operating within Connections Park, there are countless networking and community opportunities to get involved in.

Prime Location & Unique Benefits

Most people assume a large city is the best location for a distribution center. However, that is not always the case. Smaller cities are advantageous when it comes to resources and infrastructure capacity, and have lower barriers of entry for smaller businesses. It’s also quite common to run into delays and other obstacles when distributing in a highly-populated area.

The Montana Connections Business Development Park is strategically located in Butte, a small special city hosting many of the essential factors distribution centers need to succeed. Located at the intersection of two interstates, I-90 and I-15, businesses at MCBDP has unique access to the longest interstate highway in the United States. Stretching from Boston to Seattle, this prime location supports easy access and connection to every city in America. 

Not far from MCBDP is Bert Mooney Airport, which provides twice-daily flights to Salt Lake City. Businesses in Butte can use Bert Mooney Airport for private business transportation and utilize the airport’s 9,000-foot primary runway and qualified personnel responsible for fuel, maintenance, oxygen and aircraft services. 

If Butte’s airport and easy access to major interstates are not enough to satisfy your needs, the city is also conveniently located alongside two class I railroads, the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroads. Butte’s stop is very popular and happens to be the second-largest freight-hauling railroad in the United States.

Other Butte Success Stories

FedEx is not the only thriving company to uproot to Butte and experience everything MCBDP has to offer. Other companies taking advantage of this opportunity include:

  • Montana Precision Products
  • Seacast
  • Rec Silicon
  • Scoular Grain
  • Old Dominion
  • Murdoch’s 
  • Wausau
  • Port of Montana

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