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Butte in 2021: The MCBDP Year in Review

As 2021 comes to a close, we can’t help but feel proud of the accomplishments and well-deserved recognition Butte and MCBDP have achieved in just one year! While many smaller cities found themselves worried over their post-covid rehabilitation, Butte has proved its future to be promising despite many obstacles. From the new transportation enhancements to an ROI that’s nearly unheard of, 2021 revealed that Butte is quickly progressing into an environment where businesses can grow, connect, and thrive.

Butte in the News

In 2021, Butte made its name in both local and national news outlets.

CBS News: The History and Future of Butte, Montana 

In August of 2021, CBS News featured a story on Butte’s history and future. The piece highlighted Butte’s peak of mining, as well as its eventual fall. Though many still associate Butte with its past, the city is aware and proactive of its impact on the environment. Perhaps even more so than other cities given their extreme experience. Present-day, Butte takes its environmental and wildlife conservation very seriously. The city has provided a 900-page plan to clean the remainder of the Superfund complex, and built drones and sound machines to prevent birds from reaching toxic wastewater.

Rayland Brandel, a life-long resident of Butte, Montana says, “We are a model of what can be done when citizens are active, informed, educated, and willing to do the work and stay with the topic. It took us 30 years, and people have spent their entire careers making that happen. That’s what I think the story of Butte is.”

Watch the full video here.

The New York Times: With Chop Suey and Loyal Fans, a Montana Kitchen Keeps the Flame Burning

Built in 1909, the Pekin Noodle Parlor is the oldest operating Chinese restaurant in the United States. The best part? It is located right here in Butte!

A Butte delicacy, the Pekin Noodle Parlor was introduced to the rest of the world in The New York Times this year. Highlighting its historic past of Mr. Wong and Tam Kwong Yee, the notorious thieves, salvation during prohibition, and its relevance to the Chinese immigrants in Butte, it’s no wonder why the residents of this city see the Pekin Noodle Parlor as a piece of Butte that has always been here, and always will be. Butte resident Don Michalsky, age 73, has eaten here since working as a stock boy at Woolworths over 60 years ago. The most recent owner of the family passed away in 2019. However, the Pekin Noodle Parlor will remain in business for its loyal friends and family in Butte.

Read the full article here.

Butte in 2021: Building Back Butte


Butte’s Bert Mooney Airport

In 2018, Butte Bert Money Airport built a new terminal and invested $10.5 million into an expansion project. While the terminal is a few years old, the airport has announced they have recently secured new flights for 2022. This may present new opportunities for both personal and professional tourism. Since scheduling two nonstop flights per day to and from Salt Lake City, Butte has proven there is a need and want to secure more flights. Given the high volume of traffic and interest, Butte’s Bert Mooney Airport will begin servicing daily flights to and from Denver as of January 1, 2022.

One difference between Butte Bert Mooney Airport and other airports is that Bert Mooney Airport offers free parking! This is a huge advantage considering most airports charge over $100 for just a few days.

The Praxis Center

The Praxis Center is a new medical training facility currently being built in Uptown Butte. While this project has not opened yet to the public, it is expected to bring up to 5,000 healthcare workers-in-training every year to the Butte area.

Butte has had an exceptionally good year in 2021, and others seem to think so too! Given its extremely low cost of living, current developments, and environmental projects and investments, you can expect to see Butte continue to grow and gain recognition in 2022.

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