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Highlands College and the Butte Workforce

Karen VanDaveer, Interim Dean of Highlands College, is a Butte native and one of the biggest cheerleaders for the town. A participant in the area’s endless recreation opportunities, from skiing to fishing and more, VanDaveer is ready to share the secret of Butte with anyone looking to move to the area.

Highlands College of Montana Tech is on a mission to be able to offer the qualified workforce that Butte businesses need to grow. Their wide variety of certificates, associate degrees, community education, and customized training means that you will have qualified, local employees right in Butte. A lover of change and progressive thinking, VanDaveer is certain that even if a necessary program doesn’t currently exist, one can be developed that will meet your business’ evolving needs.

New “short courses” provide the education that community leaders, partners, and other stakeholders request without students having to spend the whole semester on campus. Doing things differently, being open to possibilities, and responding quickly to needs are just a few of VanDaveer’s goals. 

Although change can happen at a rapid pace in Butte, the one thing that won’t change any time soon: the friendliness of the people in the community. 

Listen to the full interview with VanDaveer to learn more about why she’s never leaving.
Karen VanDaveer, Interim Dean of Highlands College, meets with Pintler Group‘s Kyle Pucko to talk all things higher education and the impressive workforce in Butte! If you’d like to schedule a video shoot or leve-up your video with video form software, contact our team!

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