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Comfort Food in Butte, Montana

When the snow is falling and the temperatures are leveling out around 32 degrees fahrenheit, you might find yourself craving some warm, filling comfort food. From melt in your mouth cheese sandwiches to warm cookies and pastries, there’s something about comfort food on a cold winter day. Butte is home to some of the best food and beverages in Montana, and there are many comfort food options available. Here are five delicious places to try:

Gamers Cafe

Serving only breakfast and lunch, Gamers Cafe is a great place to go for a cozy, warm meal to kick off your day. They serve everything from pancakes and French toast to burgers and hot sandwich melts. 

Mac’s Tavern

A great bar food location, Mac’s Tavern is home to delicious mac and cheese, meatloaf, grilled cheese and so much more. They also have a wide variety of local and regional beer on tap. As of the publication date of this article, Mac’s Tavern is closed due to COVID-19, but they will be opening once it is deemed safe to do so. 

Pork Chop John’s

A Butte favorite, Pork Chop John’s is home to the famous John’s Pork Chop Sandwich. This sandwich is a crispy, lean pork sirloin sandwich topped with mustard, pickles and onion. They also sell hot wings, nuggets and a variety of other sandwiches such as hamburgers and grilled cheeses.

Joe’s Pasty Shop

Another Butte favorite, Joe’s Pasty Shop, is home to the famous Butte pasty. A pasty is a half-moon shaped, savory pie filled with meat. Thanks to the Welsh, Cornish and Irish immigrants of early Butte, these pies became a popular lunch food for the miners. Still popular today, pasties are a delicious comfort food option to try while in Butte. 

Mick and Goldie’s Bakery

Once you have tried a local pasty, pork chop sandwich or other local comfort food option, it’s time for dessert! Mick and Goldie’s Bakery is a popular option for sweet treats located in downtown Butte. Whether you custom order a cake or go for one of the homemade cookies on their daily menu, you are sure to enjoy their delicious baked goods. 

Bonus: A Good Beer

After trying the delicious sandwiches, pies and pastries sold by the restaurants above, many of us over 21 can agree that another comfort food essential is a good beer. Luckily, Montana, and Butte specifically, is full of local breweries and delicious brews. Here are a few breweries local to Butte:

Butte Brewing Company is home to a variety of brews and also has a food menu. Give their Honey Cream Ale or Big Butte IPA a try! 

Quarry Brewing is located in the Historic Grand Hotel, and totes the slogan “we dig beer.” All of their beers are gluten reduced making it an easy place for any adult to drink. Try the Galina Gold or Open Pit Porter. 
Smelter City Brewing isn’t located in Butte exactly, but it’s just about twenty minutes away in the city of Anaconda. Give their Montana Mimosa and Anaconda Standard a try.

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