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4 Successful Companies that Call Butte Home

Butte, Montana, already boasts a bustling industrial scene, as evidenced by the innovative companies that have chosen to call this spot in the mountains home — both on and off the Montana Connections Business Development Park.

To prove it, we’ve collected the professional profiles from just a few of our most impressive companies. Most of these companies create behind-the-scenes products that run our lives. Everything from silicon to industrial mixers to tube and duct assemblies for aerospace applications. Others, which you may have already heard of, contribute to the distinct culture in Butte. 

Whether it’s a crucial component of something you can purchase or a final product you see in stores, we’re excited to recognize these local companies, their products and the reasons they love working in Butte.

Pioneer Technical Services

Pioneer Technical Services

Pioneer is a Butte-based environmental science and engineering firm that has expanded to include civil engineering, construction management, land surveying and materials testing. Providing start-to-end support on its clients’ projects, Pioneer aims to deliver innovative solutions that meet its clients’ engineering needs and give them a competitive advantage in their respective industries. 

Engineering can cover a wide range of services and this firm is no exception. From environmental remediation to water resource management to municipal infrastructure, Pioneer covers services for companies that fall within the oil and gas, mining, and water industries. Skilled in geographic information system (GIS), geoprobe drilling and construction oversight, this company excels in making effective engineering decisions.

With its headquarters in Butte, growing businesses can take advantage of the award-winning services it offers right in their hometown. Additionally, there is the help support the growing workforce in the community.

Resodyn Corporation

A well-dressed man observes a working acoustic mixer at a Resodyn facility in Butte, Montana.
Photo courtesy of the Montana Standard

Resodyn Corporation is “a technology development company dedicated to the discovery and commercialization of novel technologies that help to improve the world in which we live.” These technologies, which are used to improve operations in a variety of industries, include industrial acoustic mixers, biosensors, chemical mixing platforms and bioreactors, and an innovative polymer spray system originally designed for NASA.

Not quite sure what these technologies do in practice? For example, take their ResonantAcoustic® commercial mixers: traditional industrial mixers, much like your kitchen blender, can damage materials with their metal blades, but these acoustic mixers use sound waves to evenly mix components found in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even rocket propellant.

The process is pretty incredible to watch:

Headquartered in historic uptown Butte, Resodyn has facilities all around the Butte area. They support everything from manufacturing and assembly to biological laboratories to prototype development. Employees love not only the short commutes in Butte, but also the year-long opportunities for outdoor recreation in their spare time. The company got its start in a Butte garage over 20 years ago. And, they don’t appear to be planning on leaving anytime soon.

“It’s a Butte business and it’s a growing business in Butte,” said CEO and founder Lawrence Farrar earlier this year, according to the Montana Standard. He also added that it’s exciting to see a bunch of “cowboys” delivering technology all over the world.

REC Silicon

REC Silicon facility in Butte, Montana, which produces silane gas.
Photo courtesy of Butte Local Development Corporation

Silicon is one of those crucial ingredients present in a large number of our everyday products. Including tablets, TVs, smartphones and most other electronic devices. Thus, the production of silicon and related gases are an increasingly large industry.

REC Silicon is a leader in this industry, supplying high-purity polysilicon and silicon gases to solar and electronics producers worldwide. And its facility in Butte? It’s the world’s largest supplier of silane gas, used to produce semiconductors, flat panel displays, glass and solar panels.

As an international company headquartered in Norway, REC Silicon benefits from how easy it is to ship from Montana. Especially since the only foreign trade zone within a five-state radius is located in Butte. Additionally, REC Silicon has received much political support from the Montana legislature. Thus enabling it to continue production even in the midst of recent national trade wars with China.

Headframe Spirits

Antique, ornate bar made of dark wood and glass, found in Headframe Spirits.
Photo courtesy of Headframe Spirits

Headframe Spirits is a rapidly growing company exhibiting strong Butte roots. In fact, the name of the company says it all.

If you’re unfamiliar with the history of the area, the Butte Headframes are remnants of the many mines that put the city of Butte on the map in the early 1800s as one of the largest copper producers in the country. Orphan Girl Mine, the namesake of the Headframe Spirit’s best-selling liqueur, is now the site of the National Museum of Mining.

Established in 2010, Headframe Spirits has not only experienced substantial growth in size – bringing on 25 new employees in just 2 years – but also in reputation, earning several regional awards for innovation and entrepreneurial success. They have already started making moves to expand, proposing the largest distillery west of the Mississippi right here in Butte. And, it’s located in a repurposed minefield, of course.

For now, Headframe products can be found in select stores and states nationally. Or you can visit their cozy and historic tasting room in Butte.

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