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Company Spotlight: Montana Craft Malt

Montana Connections Business Development Park is excited to introduce one of our newest neighborhood businesses, Montana Craft Malt. Headquartered here in Butte, Montana Craft Malt sources premium and specialty base malts for brewing, distilling and food production within Montana and around the country. We interviewed Jennifer O’Brien, President of Montana Craft Malt, to learn a little more about the company and the construction process required to build such a specialized facility. The entire interview is located at the bottom of this article.

Montana Craft Malt Logo


Montana Craft Malt is a 10,000-ton malting facility that was founded out of a love for locally sourced, high-quality malt and beverages. They are currently under construction but getting closer and closer to operation which they expect to be in a few months.  They broke ground on this project in the spring of 2018 and have been working hard to get their craft malt into the hands of brewers and distillers everywhere.

Location and Funding

Jennifer says that their team chose Montana Connections Business Development Park (MCBDP) because of the unbeatable location and the Tax Increment Financing Industrial District (TIFID) designation.As a district with a Tax Increment provision Montana Craft Malt was able to receive financial support from Butte-Silver Bow for the development of their facility within MCBDP. As far as location goes, MCBDP is strategically placed at the intersection of several major transportation and distribution corridors and is also a Foreign-Trade Zone which allows your business to stay competitive.


Why Montana Craft Malt Chose Butte

MCBDP developments have access to wastewater, potable water, natural gas, telecommunications, transportation and economic development incentives. Along with all of these physical and locational resources, Butte is uniquely equipped with, according to Jennifer, the most honest and hardworking people you can find. She also recognizes it as a thriving business community that supports local businesses and will be there to support existing businesses and recruit new businesses.

Jennifer at MCM

Read the Entire Interview Here

What is your job title? 


What do you do for Montana Craft Malt?

Manage strategic vision and resources of the company 

Tell us a little bit about Montana Craft Malt.

A 10,000 ton malting facility that will provide premium malt products and services to brewing, distilling, and food buys in Montana and beyond. 

Where are you in the construction process?

Almost done!  Operational in a few months…. 

When did your team break ground on this project?

Spring 2018 

Why did your team choose to open this business in Butte? 

The location is unbeatable from a logistics and utilities standpoint, not to mention the TIFID. 

How did you find MCBDP?

It’s hard to miss, such a thriving business community.  We really didn’t look elsewhere. 

What is it like to be a part of MCBDP so far? 

We feel well supported and are excited about the growth in the business community. 

What would you say to other businesses considering MCBDP for their business?

Welcome to a business community that is going to put BSBC on the map at a national scale. 

What is your favorite thing about Butte? 

The people.  Hardest, most honest workers you can find. 

What are you most excited about for Montana Craft Malt?  

Bringing premium Montana products to the forefront of a booming industry. 

When will you be open for business?

Any day now! 

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