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Meet the MCBDP Community: Your Future Neighbors?

Seeking out a new site to build on has a lot in common with purchasing a home. While a business site has a number of factors specific to its operations to consider, it also shares some factors with those of house hunting. What is the community like? How mild or intense are the seasons and weather patterns? What are the routes for commuting like? And often overlooked, but important to ask: who are your neighbors? 

Montana Connections Business Development Park is home to a variety of wonderful and diverse companies. From delivery service facilities to a classic drive-in movie theater, these companies are all a part of the Butte community, offering opportunities for jobs, collaboration and more all within the MCBDP boundaries. Read on to learn more about these companies. Who knows…one day they may become your neighbor!


We’re confident that readers have at least heard of this organization. FedEx, a multinational delivery service that covers a vast range of transportation channels, is a staple tenant of MCBDP. Given that the Park is located at the intersection of several major transportation and distribution corridors – including BNSF and Union Pacific railroads – it is quite apparent that FedEx benefits from using this site as a central hub.

Montana Precision Products

For a business development park of our size, it would be odd to not have a Montana company a part of the community. Montana Precision Products is an aerospace manufacturing company based in Butte, Montana and is a joint venture between GE and SeaCast that produces tube and duct assemblies and small structural casting for aerospace and commercial applications. As it becomes less of a secret how great it is to live in Montana, it is exciting to see both local and out of state companies thrive and provide new work opportunities for those seeking careers in the Big Sky state.

Port of Montana

Formed to create economic development in the transportation industry in Butte-Silver Bow area, the Port of Montana has helped businesses flourish across industries for the past 30 years. A leader in warehousing, logistics and distribution, Port of Montana is a fantastic organization to have as a neighbor! As a tenant of the Park, Port of Montana is accessible for fellow tenants to take advantage of its services. A few of these benefits include:

  • Port of Montana is a foreign trade zone – meaning that goods are not subject to import tariffs, and many more benefits
  • Tap into its transportation hub – need distribution services but don’t know how to get started? Port of Montana can help.
  • Experienced in its services and guaranteed to help your business grow by supporting your logistic needs

Silver Bow Drive In

Who doesn’t enjoy a night out watching movies at a drive-in theater? Pack up the car with snacks and good people, snuggle up in a blanket and watch new and old movies at the family-owned and operated Silver Bow Drive-In. Built in 1977 by the Hansen family, the theater started off with a single screen tower before expanding to two towers by 1980. After maintaining and diligent upkeep, the Drive-In allows for a max capacity of 500 cars. An unintentional perk of becoming an MCBDP tenant – close quarters to work or family-related fun!

Old Dominion Freight Line

A national LTL freight leader and global transportation company, Old Dominion has also taken advantage of the Park’s ideal access to major transportation and distribution corridors. A company that is proud of its legacy of keeping promises, Old Dominion was founded in 1934 and has grown to operate 235 service centers with roughly 41,000 tractor and trailers. Its leaders are dedicated to treating its clients like it’s their business, taking extra care to meet its client’s shipping needs. We’ll leave you with this fun fact – Old Dominion is the official freight carrier of Major League Baseball!

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