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Site Selectors Visit Butte

The Montana Standard published a great article today about the recent visit from four members of the Site Selectors Guild. These consultants are tasked with finding new locations for businesses. It’s no surprise one of their tour stops included Butte, Montana.

Montana Connection Business Development Park‘s Kristen Rosa, the purpose of the tour “is to showcase the community and everything it has to offer to prospective businesses, whether it’s access to things such as rail and potable water or recreational amenities.”

Fly fishermen work the Big Hole River southwest of Butte, Montana on Saturday, June 6, 2015. (Photos by Derek Pruitt)


Beauty and Opportunity of Butte:

the new site selector tour is an economic development highlight for 2018 and emphasizes the growing importance of showcasing the mining city!

As we continue to highlight both recreational opportunities surrounding Butte and also the business opportunities connected with our Business Park, it’s always fun to showcase the beauty and the opportunity first hand. The site selector group toured some of Butte’s largest employers including NorthWestern Energy, Montana Precision Products, REC Silicon and more. While they visited our Business Park, they were impressed with the focus on logistics and manufacturing. Of course, uptown Butte (Butte’s uptown is your downtown!) impressed the four consultants and no trip to Butte is complete without a trip to Headframe Spirits!

Site Selector Guild

Photo credit Annie Pentilla, The Montana Standard.

What Happens Next:

With a greater digital presence in 2018 through LinkedIn, targeted search and social advertising and personalized website experiences for in state and out of state potential business owners, additional emphasis on telling the story of the Connections Park, Butte is making it known that we’re open for business. This visit is exciting for many reasons, perhaps most of all because it gives these four site selectors a real look at what the city has to offer. Their insights as it applies to talent acquisition, propping up the service industry and connecting with adventurous millennials were discussed at an open public forum. Interested in learning more about the trip? Check out the article by The Montana Standard here.

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