What sets Butte apart

We understand you have a lot of choices when deciding where to relocate or start your business. So, why Butte?

We have everything you need to get started in the Northwest United States: a qualified workforce, supportive local government, international incentives, and a town and location unmatched anywhere in the Rocky Mountains.

The Community

Nestled against the picturesque Rocky Mountains, less than an hour away from the state capital, home to a well-qualified and educated labor pool, and known for its low cost-of-living, Butte checks all of the boxes for a happy and productive workforce.

History and Location

Guided by its rich Irish-immigrant history, the city’s population is as driven today as they were when the town’s economy revolved around mining. Butte was Montana’s first major city and was, for a short time, the largest city west of the Mississippi between Chicago and San Francisco.

Now, the town of 35,000 is known for its no-nonsense approach to work and unique way of life. That’s why it is locally known as Butte, America. And America flocks to Butte every summer for its famous festivals celebrating Butte’s history and future.

Recreation and Climate

One reason Montana is known as the “Last Best State” is the vast recreational resources in the state. Residents have access to incredible urban trail systems, millions of acres of National Forest, world-class ski resorts, pristine hunting land, and some of the best rivers in the world for anglers. On top of that, three of the nation’s most famous National Parks are just a few hours away: Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton.

You’ll also enjoy four distinct seasons in Butte. At over 5,500 feet in elevation, we see cool, comfortable temperatures in the summer almost 200 sunny days a year on average. The high elevation also makes the region the perfect winter playground for anyone interested in snow sports.

The Workforce

Even though Butte is known for it’s rich natural and recreational resources, its greatest resource is the people who live here. The population, as driven as those who first settled the town, is now reinventing the town for the 21st century. Attracting employers like FedEx, SeaCast, and REC Silicon, Butte is building a foundation your business should be a part of.

Community Support

Not only is the community the perfect place for your business to grow, but the government is uniquely situated to support your goals. Committed to growth, the city-county government of Butte-Silver Bow has jurisdiction over the city and county, benefiting citizens and businesses by increasing government efficiency and coordination.

Tax Increment District (TID)

Public infrastructure is a priority in Montana. As a result, local governments are empowered to support business development projects with tax dollars such as adding capacity, building facilities, and various other business development projects. Qualified candidates are evaluated based on total investment and projected job creation.

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